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August 26, 2024
Monthly Business Meeting
September 30, 2024
PAH EF Golf Tournament - Fall 2024
October 07, 2024
Monthly Business Meeting
October 18, 2024
PAH EF Sporting Clay Shoot - Fall 2024

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Who We Are

The Pipeliners Association of Houston is an Industry based pipeline professional organization, driven by our membership and member volunteers to lead our Industry. We have a rich history of knowledge transfer including:
industry advances and current events
education through professional development and collegiate scholarships and
professional mentoring.

There are other Pipeliners Associations in the Southwest, Rocky Mountain and Appalachia regions with meeting held in cities such as San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Tulsa, Denver, and Pittsburgh.



The mission of the Pipeliners Association of Houston is to advance pipeline engineering and operation practices for the mutual benefit of the members and the industry. The means employed for the attainment of this purpose include, but are not limited to, meeting for the presentation of appropriate papers and discussion of items of general interest, as well as discussion of books, publications and other material. The Association shall be both non-profit and non-political in character but may cooperate in civic enterprises.



The Pipeliners Association of Houston was formed in 1953 with the purpose to foster and promote the advancement of pipeline engineering and operating practices for the mutual benefit of the members in the industry and to study and exchange knowledge and ideas relative to the pipeline industry. The Association started with 6 members and continues to evolve and mature with our expanding network across the industry.

Our organization prides itself on maintaining a common bond between vendors, operators and contractors who support this industry. Over the years, we have grown in our focus of community and professional development. Today, monthly business meetings provide relevant presentations and discussions about our industry. Our volunteers host events to raise scholarship money for our members college students. We established the Pipeliners Young Professionals group in 2016 to encourage and support our next generation.  In 2017, we partnered with PETEX to develop professional education for our members.

With this rich heritage, we expect to continue to develop as an Association and make lasting impacts on the Pipeline Industry.


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